Does my child have a concussion? Έχει το παιδί μου διάσειση;

Do You Know the Clues to a Concussion?

Here is a pocket tool:

An x-ray, MRI, or CT scan can’t ‘see’ a concussion. But a parent can often see visible clues.

In addition to the signs and symptoms in the pocket tool, if you see one or more of these, suspect a concussion:

Loss of consciousness/responsiveness
Slowness getting up after the head injury
Grabbing/clutching the head
Unsteadiness on the feet/balance problems/falling/decreased coordination
Dazed, blank, or vacant look
Confused/can’t recall recent events/forgets something you said
Slowed or slurred speech
Repeated vomiting
Mood, behavior or personality changes
Other reasons to pay attention include reports of any of the following:

Seeing stars or flashing lights
Ringing in the ears
Double vision, blurry vision, or vision loss
Sensitivity to light or noise
Bad or worsening headache (or pressure in the head)
Trouble concentrating
After a head injury, any child who exhibits the signs, symptoms, memory problems, or visible clues of a concussion should be evaluated by a health professional.

These symptoms may not show up for a day or two after the injury. “If in doubt, sit them out” until after they have been evaluated. Sitting them out includes sitting out from sports and school. Early rest for the brain is important for healing.

Concussions are big deal. Recognizing possible concussions can help kids get the treatment they need to speed recovery and prevent re-injury.